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Vikrmn CA Vikram Verma Author of novel 10 Alone Chartered Accountant
Vikrmn: aka CA Vikram Verma is author of  '10 Alone' (Novel) and MICS Unleashed’ (Academics)Multi-forte persona, his dexterity bags creative pursuits like chalk carving (, oil paintingspreadsheet programming (, stop-motion photography and Guitar. 

A Chartered Accountant by profession he blogs on Finance and Motivational topics at ChartAcc.comHis Academic book MICS Unleashed’ is for MIS and content is available at

As the founder of he serves elite quotes, to munch on, for the ecstatic mindset. Raised in Mohali, Punjab (India), he currently resides in Delhi.

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10 Alone’ is a saga of 10 hearts.. 10 dreams.. 10 minds. It is a story of 10 Chartered Accountants, who met by chance on their journey through the corporate world. Vibrant cultures from 10 states of India unite in the Middle-East. They celebrate personal and professional life.. all together.. Ten Together. More details about the novel is available at


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