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To start with a kiss..
A poem dedicated to HER.. on Kiss day ..
To start with a kiss..
I'll mark first .. on the top of your head.. 
just to say that.. I'll be with you.. forever!
Next two on the eyes..
just to say that.. the world is so beautiful..
as I see with you.. whatever!!
Then three.. on the nose and cheek..
just to say that.. I am myself..
As I walk with you wherever!!!
Then a peck on the neck..
just to say that.. you are perfect.
and then.. Final one on the lips..
just to say that.. just to say that..
just to say nothing.
Because our love is beyond the skyline!
My life is yours forever.. 
O girl, O girl..
O you be my.. Valentine!!!!
Excerpts from 10 Alone by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)
Did the protagonist wrapped Jia up in his big bear HUG?
Valentine Week is celebrated in February with every special day. These days are as follows: 
  1. Rose Day – Day 1 - 7th Feb
  2. Propose Day – Day 2 - 8th Feb
  3. Chocolate Day - Day 3 - 9th Feb
  4. Teddy Bear Day - Day 4- 10th Feb (Poem "A bear hug for you" click here)
  5. Promise Day - Day 5 - 11th Feb (Poem "I don't promise" click here)
  6. Hug Day - Day 6 - 12th Feb (Poem "Wrap me in your Hug" Click here)
  7. Kiss Day - Day 7 - 13th Feb (Poem above)
  8. Valentine’s Day - 14th Feb
m feelin lil LOV 
Valentine 2014 Song from Novel "10 Alone"
Love story of Jia..
a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma


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