Lovely poem on #TeddyBear day of #Valentine week. #10Feb. #Rose #Propose #Chocolate #Promise #Kiss #Hug?

This poem is dedicated to HER.. on Teddy Bear Day..
A bear hug for you, and I would make you forget your sorrows!
I'll be there with you forever, in all your today and tomorrows!!
The day I am not there, this teddy would be with you; so just be fine, you are always mine!!!
My life is yours forever.. O girl, O girl, O you be my.. Valentine.
Excerpts from 10 Alone by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)
Valentine Week is celebrated in February with every special day. These days are as follows: 
  1. Rose Day – Day 1 - 7th Feb
  2. Propose Day – Day 2 - 8th Feb
  3. Chocolate Day - Day 3 - 9th Feb
  4. Teddy Bear Day - Day 4- 10th Feb 
  5. Promise Day - Day 5 - 11th Feb 
  6. Hug Day - Day 6 - 12th Feb 
  7. Kiss Day - Day 7 - 13th Feb
  8. Valentine’s Day - 14th Feb

Did Jia get the Rose from the Protagonist in time?

m feelin lil LOV 
Valentine 2014 Song from Novel "10 Alone"
Love story of Jia..
a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma


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