Song dedicated to Chartered Accountants #10Alone #Vikrmn #CADay

Are you a CA or an aspirant or know who is the ONE?
This song is dedicate to Chartered Accountants.
They are CAs 
THEY are future of a nation.. 
THEY lead the economy.. 
Society looks up to THEM.. 
THEY are hopes of families.. 
THEY are Chartered Accountants.
Things are simply complicated in professional world. 
Life is tough.. rather THEY too are. 
THEY never ever learnt to give up. 
THEY fail.. THEY try.. THEY fail again.. THEY try again. 
No matter how many times THEY fail.. 
BUT THEY never ever fail in trying again.. for one more time. 
THEY contribute to make the WORLD a better place to live.
THEY are CAs.. proud to be one..
  Posted by Vikrmn: Author of "10 Alone" (CA Vikram Verma)
Excerpts from Novel "10 Alone"
a Saga of 10 Friends..
10 Chartered Accountants, ..
a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma


Unknown said...

Very Nice Song and Thanks for your work and Lyrics.

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