She is feelin lil LOV if she blushes at your texts #10Alone #Vikrmn

Did you ever notice that every time you send her a message she blushes. Do you know why? She is feelin lil LOV.. for YOU.. She is crazy for you.. like Jia used to.. for Vik.. in 10 Alone.. 
10 Alone by Vikrmn Complex means simply difficult CA Vikram Verma
 If she blushes at your texts.. She is feelin lil LOV.. Novel 10 Alone by Vikrmn CA Vikram Verma 
Jia too used to blush at Vik's texts. Excerpts from Novel "10 Alone" a Saga of 10 Friends.. 10 Chartered Accountants, .. a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma


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