10 Alone Lyrics "The way world works out" by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)

10 Alone by Vikrmn Complex means simply difficult CA Vikram Verma
10 Alone Lyrics "Why this way world works out" by Vikrmn (CA Vikram Verma)
The way world works out

My boss told me..
Ye teri hi hai galti!
(All this is your fault!)
Don’t argue just accept..
Koi rasta aur nahi.
(You have no escape-out!)
If you need Promotion..
Keemat hai ye choti!
(So small it is all about!)
Accept it..
Errors which-ever,
Ab teri ho gayi!
(All are yours without any doubt!)
Accept it..
Accept it..
This is the way world works out..
Accept it..
No choice about..
This is the way world works out..
..(Junior replies)..
O hell this assignment??
Meri ye file nahi!
(My work-file it is not!)
When did I do this?
Batao to sahi!
(At least please tell me that!)
Promotions are just day dreams..
Bonus ki bhi watt lagegi!
(Even to get bonus we’ll have to shout!)
Why to accept?
Why to accept?
Why this way world works out??
Why this way world works out??

Excerpts from Novel "10 Alone"
a Saga of 10 Friends..
10 Chartered Accountants,
www.10Alone.com ..
a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma


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