"Fail Fail Try Try" Song Lyrics from novel "10 Alone" by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)

10 Alone Lyrics by Vikrmn : Fail Fail Try Try
10 Alone Lyrics by Vikrmn : Fail Fail Try Try

Fail Fail Try Try
Song from Novel 10 Alone.. Chapter 3.. a new chapter

i fail.. i try..
feeling sad.. heart cry..
all quiet.. nothing right!
dreams crash.. how think bright!!
all fail.. all try..
i get up.. spirits high!
start again.. i make it..
tough i go.. i no quit!!
win the war.. fear fly..
i fail.. i try..
fall again.. no ask why!
aim again.. no whole life cry!!
fail again.. but no fail try..
heart sad.. you no cry..
when fail.. better try..
fail fail..
try try!
you try try!!
Fail Fail Try Try
Lyrics from novel 10 Alone:
"10 Alone" is a Saga of 10 Friends.. 10 Chartered Accountants, www.10Alone.com .. a novel by Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma www.Vikrmn.com


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