Crazy for you : Song Lyrics from novel 10 Alone by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)

10 Alone quote by Vikrmn Every TODAY has a better version CA Vikram Verma
10 Alone lyrics by Vikrmn : Crazy for YOU..
Crazy for you..
Song Lyrics from Novel 10 Alone Chapter2: Jia

You are the one..
I want to be with..
I am the one..
Who’ll be crazy for you..
Crazzzzzyyyyy.. yooohoo..
I am.. for you..
What Love is to me.. 
being crazy for youuuuuuu..
Ch 18 – Heart 2
Something is there..
between us somewhere.
Forgetting all and..
Just thinking about you..
and what that is..
you know.. and I know toohooo..
Crazzzzzyyyyy.. ooohoo.. 
I am for you-hoo..
What Love is to me.. 
being crazy for you-hooooooo..
Chapter 26
‘The day you’ll be back..
I’ll be waiting for you!
For you are the one..
I wish to be with..
..and you too!!
Crazeeee.. yooohooooo..
I m for you!!!
What love is to me..
being crazeee for you!!!
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Lyrics from 10 Alone
a Saga of 10 Friends.. story of 10 Chartered Accountants,
Novel Authored by Vikrmn: (CA Vikram Verma)


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